Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions


Standard terms and conditions list

  • Standard terms and conditions list applies at all times.
  • All orders must be accompanied by an official irrevocable company order.
  • Private orders will be accepted upon a guarantee of payment.
  • Quotations are valid only for thirty (30) days, unless otherwise stated.
  • Pricing is based on the current Rand / Dollar exchange rate on the date of a written quotation.
  • The actual selling price may vary due to the Rand / Dollar exchange rate and is finalized on the day of delivery.
  • E&OE.
  • All prices quoted are subject to availability.
  • Strictly Cash (add 1.5% to amount if cash deposit into bank account) or Electronic Bank Transfer with Orders.
  • All prices are based on one order one delivery unless otherwise stated.
  • All prices are quoted Nett, Exclusive of VAT & Delivery.
  • All goods will only be released once full payment is received.
Ownership of Equipment
  • Full ownership and liability for the goods passes to the purchaser at the time of payment.
Guarantees and Warranties
  • In most cases, the manufacturers offer a 6 month factory guarantee(strictly shoes and boots only). If, however you encounter a manufacturing problem after this time, you are welcome to bring the product back where we will assess it and let you know whether it is still eligible for credit, exchange or repair. Unfortunately we do not offer trade-ins.
  • Guarantees do not apply on budget shoes/boots
  • Specifications / Prices may change without notice.
  • Pricing is based on the Rand / Dollar exchange rate at the time of order.
Returns and cancellations
  • No returns on branded or damaged goods, all goods returned should be in original condition
  • No goods will be accepted after 14 days 
  • All goods returned are subject to a 15% handling fee 
  • All cancelled manufactured orders are subject to a minimim 50% handling fee (in the case where fabric has not yet been cut) but other raw materials have been processed.
  • All cancelled manufactured orders where fabric has been cut are subject to 100% handling fee.
  • Free deliveries on order over R5000.00 (only to major cities and not outlying areas).
  • We offer a delivery service on orders less than R5000.00 and to outlying areas, please contact us for prices.
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